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Conservation projects

From stream bank restoration to fish stocking and stream clean ups, Zane Grey TU provides opportunities for our members to “roll rocks” and make a hands-on contribution to help protect, restore and sustain Arizona’s coldwater lakes and streams. Click the CONTACT US button to learn more/volunteer today.

National Restorations:  Our mission is to remove trash, graffiti, & anything foreign to the environment from outdoor recreation & wilderness areas across Arizona while enriching the lives of Military Veterans & other community members. We accomplish our mission by hosting volunteer cleanup events throughout the year for community members, including youth volunteers, and we manage & support a Dedicated Restoration Team with contracted Military Veterans who conduct restorations beyond the reach of most volunteers.

We have removed more than half a million pounds (over 314 tons) of trash from outdoor recreation and wilderness areas across Arizona & over 7,720 square feet of graffiti removed from rocks and boulders.


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Are you good at updating social media? Planning social events? Organizing stream clean ups? Writing and editing newsletters? Sending e-blasts? Making presentations? We’d love to put your talents to use! Click the CONTACT US button to tell us about your ideas and we’ll try to implement them.


Originally established as the Women’s Initiative in 2011, Trout Unlimited believes that our natural next step to grow is to not only continue to focus on bringing more women into TU through conservation work and angling, but to expand our reach to different ages, geographic locations, backgrounds, interests, and ethnicities.  We knew we wanted to make the move to the Diversity Initiative.
Our goal is to have the membership of Trout Unlimited reflect the angling and conservation public.  The Diversity Initiative of TU is made up of people like you who care about our rivers, streams and waters, and are passionate about mentoring the next generation and enjoy getting out to fish as often as they can.
Scouts BSA: The BSA established the Fly Fishing Merit Badge in 2002. It gives Scouts the opportunity to learn about fly fishing, fly tying and fishing conservation. It also offers ZGTU members the unique opportunity to share their fly fishing knowledge with Arizona’s youth. Zane Grey TU volunteers work with the local Grand Canyon Council, BSA reaching youth who want to learn how to fly fish for trout and other species. Acting as teachers, mentors and friends, Zane Grey TU volunteers help influence the ethics and practices of young fly anglers in Arizona, thereby creating future conservationists and protectors of our fishing resources.
Additionally, the Arizona Council of Trout Unlimited runs a week long fish camp in conjunction with the Grand Canyon Council, BSA. This week-long fish camp, is for teenage boys and girls, for both scouts and non-scout youth. The camp is not your grandfather’s cane pole fishing experience. Instead, the volunteers teach youth the skills necessary to select proper fly or lure, understand where to cast a lure, or fly; and master the art of provoking fish to attack your offering.
Project Healing Waters:  Trout Unlimited realizes that we wouldn’t have the freedom to fish but for the service of our United States military veterans.  Arizona TU chapters are proud to host numerous Project Healing Waters programs across the state where volunteers work with disabled military veterans to help tie flies, taking them fishing and, most importantly, try to build a bridge to recovery for our wounded warriors.
Boys & Girls Clubs:  Zane Grey Chapter of TU is pleased to announce a partnership with Boys and Girls Clubs to host youth fishing workshops to expose this underserved group to the joys of fishing and the outdoors. This fishing clinic offers an opportunity for the city kids to learn more about fishing and feel comfortable taking what they learn to try fishing in urban lakes and replicate this outdoor experience. If you are interested in helping with casting instruction with kids, please contact Susan Geer at the link below.
STREAM Keepers:  Many people are familiar with STEM education which refers to learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  STREAM education includes the Arts and Recreation.  STREAM Keepers observes nature through an artistic approach, a scientific approach and the angler’s approach to provide a well-rounded understanding of the world we live in.  Zane Grey Trout Unlimited has conducted STREAM Keepers sessions with local Girl Scout troops during their summer camps and works with other groups to promote conservation awareness.
Women’s Programs:  Zane Grey Trout Unlimited has put together an Arizona Women of Trout Unlimited group that gathers like-minded women of all ages to join up for fishing, fun and conservation.  Some of the activities the women have done include:
• Weekend fish and learn retreats at X-Diamond Ranch
• Happy hours and shopping at various fishing stores
• Women’s event at the Outdoor Expo
• Book club
• Fishing outing to Salt River
• Fly tying
If there is something you would like to do with other women, let us know and we’ll put it on the calendar!  Contact Susan Geer at with your requests.



Zane Grey Chapter of Trout Unlimited depends upon the generous support of our members—people just like you who want to keep Arizona’s lakes and streams clean healthy and fishable.

In kind donations  Let us know what you have to donate. Click the link below to send us the details.

Charitable giving

Donations from generous individuals, corporations and honor/memorial gifts are vitally important to Zane Grey Trout Unlimited. Financial support helps us continue to preserve and protect Arizona’s cold water fishing and allows us to introduce the world of nature to children and adults who might otherwise never experience the beauty and importance of our environment.

Please note:  Your contribution is not a membership renewal.

To donate by mail, please send your check made payable to Zane Grey Trout Unlimited to:

PO Box 5026, Scottsdale, AZ 85261-5026

Trout Unlimited, Inc. is a 501(c)3 charitable organization and your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Special Skills

Occasionally Zane Grey TU has a need for volunteers with special skills such as graphic design, writing/editing, event management/planning, public relations, photography, legislative connections, fundraising, in-kind donations, etc. If you have skills or experience in these or any other areas and would be willing to donate your time and expertise, please elaborate how we can best use your talents.