During the summer of 1959 on the banks of Au Sable River in Michigan, the national organization of Trout Unlimited was founded. The 16 fishermen were gathered at the home of George Griffith and were discussing the ability of fish to become far superior if left to their own devices. This new organization was dedicated to ensuring that wild and native trout populations were allowed to thrive, as nature intended.

Jump ahead to 1979. While many fly fishing clubs were thriving, there was a need for an organized effort to sustain Arizona’s limited coldwater resources. Formally named the Zane Grey chapter of Trout Unlimited in 1987, the chapter’s mission is to preserve, protect and enhance trout and salmonid species and the coldwater resources on which they depend.

The Zane Grey Chapter of TU is a group of volunteers dedicated to advancing enlightened fishing regulations that would promote wild trout reproduction to reduce reliance upon hatchery trout where feasible, and supporting environmental and conservation activities to protect Arizona’s coldwater fish habitat and it’s two native trout species: Apache Trout and Gila Trout.

The chapter took it’s name from the famous Arizona writer and angler, Zane Grey who had a cabin in the Mogollon Rim area. Initially, the chapter had several outings and meeting at the Zane Grey cabin near Tonto Creek and taking this esteemed name seemed to be a perfect fit. We believe that Zane Grey would be pleased.


Two visions of the future: You decide.

Protect:  Road building, oil and gas drilling and other development degrade water quality and diminish fish habitat.  Keeping backcountry land intact, improving water quality downstream and providing a stronghold for native fish and other species will ensure a good refuge for future fish population growth.
Reconnect:  Dams and diversions block fish passage.  If obsolete dams are removed and fish ladders and fish passage installed, fish will be able to migrate through the river.
Restore:  Sediment, runoff and pollution make developed areas uninhabitable for fish.  Urbanization and channeling of streams increase water filtration costs and the effects of flooding downstream.  With tree-shaded rivers connected to floodplains, responsible grazing and development protects water quality for future generations to enjoy.
Sustain:  TU’s conservation legacy will endure by engaging a new generation of coldwater stewards to see that this work of mobilizing community members to protect, reconnect and restore lands and waters.

Board of Directors

Please feel free to reach out to these Zane Grey TU leaders to express your opinions, willingness to volunteer, suggestions or other ideas.

Executive Committee:

President: Alan Davis  |  President@ZaneGreyTU.org
Vice-President: Tom Goodwin  | VP@ZaneGreyTU.org
Secretary: Gerry Quigley | Secretary@ZaneGreyTU.org
Treasurer: Neal Young  | Treasurer@ZaneGreyTU.org


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Fernando Reyes | FerRex24@gmail.com
Public Policy:  Ron Stearns | RonaldStearns@hotmail.com
Trout In The Classroom (TIC):  Jim Walker | James.L.Walker@cox.net

Other Representatives:

Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation (AZSFWC) Representative | Ron Stearns | RonaldStearns@hotmail.com
Past President | Jim Walker | James.L.Walker@cox.net
National Leadership Council Representative | Tom Goodwin | TlGfin1@gmail.com
Newsletter Editor | Woody Wilson | Editor@ZaneGreyTU.org

General Information: